Alliance for Bloomfield's Children     


"All Bloomfield's children birth-8 are healthy, nurtured, educated and surroundedd by opportuni

The Alliance for Bloomfield's Children (ABC) is a committed group of parents, early childhood professionals, community members and government partners, who are dedicated to ensuring that all of Bloomfield’s children from birth to 8 years old are healthy, nurtured, educated and surrounded by opportunities.

How does ABC do this?

  • Parents Supporting Educational Excellence (Parents SEE)
  • Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI)
  • People Empowering People (PEP)
  • Guest Speakers/Workshops

How does leadership training and meetings help young children?

Parent leadership is not new; parents have long advocated for their children. Families, however, have new requirements to prepare their children for school at an earlier age. Parent’s need information and support from other resources to navigate these new education norms.

ABC has monthly meetings open to Bloomfield's families and community.  Please check our calendar regularly for upcoming events.